Wall design

A Passion for Service

We are as passionate about the service we provide, as we are about the routes and holds we create. To make sure your vision comes to life exactly how you imagine it, we work with you every step of the way.

Climbing Venues Design

Same as every outdoor crag, every gym is unique. Our aim is to create a venue that fits your concept perfectly, that is why we will discuss your vision with you in detail to ensure that we fully understand all aspects of the design, size, location and target customers. Once the idea takes actual shape and the sketches start coming to life, we turn to you for feedback on everything from the shape of the walls to the technologies in use. It is important to us to create a venue, that will be fun for climbers, but also nice to work at.

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A Personal Visit & Consulting Services

During our work as route setters, gym managers and rock climbing instructors, we have got the chance to visit many climbing gyms around the entire world. We were blessed to spend some time with dedicated gym owners, climbing wall and holds manufactures and also with many climbers of all levels. We are motivated to share our experience with you.

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