Technical informations


din912DIN: 912

Holds are designed to be fixed to the wall using DIN: 912 / Socket Head Cap Screw. All holds are certified by Engineering Test Institute, a renowned European testing centre in accordance with CSN EN 12572-3 standard.


hollowholdHollow hold

If size and shape permitting, holds are made as shell moulds, which makes them much lighter while retaining the original strength of the hold. Another advantage is that these holds, when fixed onto a climbing wall, are less likely to twist around than standard holds do at the same torque.


mildsurfaceMild Surface

Holds are manufactured using Mild Surface technology. While most rival holds have an irregular surface structure, consisting of sand grains, holds made using Mild Surface technology have a structure made up of fine beads of the same size. These fine beads protrude above the surface of the hold, meaning that it does not clog up or wear out so quickly. The surface of the hold is also more user-friendly for the skin and there is much less friction between the hold and the fingers that in the case of standard holds.


Holds are available in these colours:




* Colours r epresentation is in dicative only. For more information, please contact us.